Karen Brady was born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised as an Army brat. She had the privilege of traveling throughout the United States and Europe, but she also suffered respiratory and immune system troubles as a child that kept her on antibiotics and other medicines.

When Karen was 14, she had a serious horse riding accident and was in a coma for a period of time. A doctor gave her parents a grave diagnosis: She would be either paralyzed for life, or shortly die.

Today, Karen is walking and talking and has full brain function. She is thankful for Craniosacral Therapy, Chiropractic treatment, and herbs and supplements for helping her overcome excruciating headaches and body pains. Karen, as a Christian, also gives God the glory for her healing and the miracle of a quality-filled life without having become handicapped.

After Karen’s father retired, he became interested in supplements and other forms of health care, including Chiropractic treatment. As a young adult, Karen worked as a Psychiatric Nursing Attendant at a rehabilitation and nursing facility in the skilled care/critical ward, where patients were either dying or barely hanging onto life. On the job one day, Karen suffered a severe back injury while lifting an amputee. After traction in the hospital, she visited her father’s Doctor of Chiropractic and was opened up to a whole new world of holistic healing.

Entering the world of holistic and natural health also led Karen to meet her husband, Dr. Gregg F. Brady. The couple have been married for 28 years and have worked side by side in their offices for 25 of those years. Karen and Gregg are a TEAM. In fact, Gregg does a great deal of the Wild Crafting for Y’Darb Naturals products!

More about Gregg…

Dr. Gregg Brady suffered severe headaches as a young man. Not only did the headaches last much of the day, they became worse if anyone came into the room. After he visited a Doctor of Chiropractic and found relief, Dr. Gregg decided that he had found his future profession.

Dr. Gregg earned a Doctorate Degree from the Pennsylvania Chiropractic College in Philadelphia in 1984, and was in private practice in the Harrisburg area for 22 years. In addition to serving patients at Natural Healthcare Services, Dr. Gregg and Karen operated and managed three offices. Old doors closed and new doors opened, which led them to the Pittsburgh area. Dr. Gregg treats adults, expectant mothers, children of all ages, and special needs individuals. He also handles cases regarding Workman’s Compensation, Personal Injury, Automobile Accident and Sports Injury patients.

Karen and Dr. Gregg opened their Pittsburgh area office to help others learn about natural health care and how it can help them. Karen has a PhD in Nutrition/Herbal – Certified Natural Health Care Professional -Nationally Certified Colon Hydro therapists – Certified/ Registered Reflexologist. She also offers many different types of therapy including Cranio -Sacral- Samato- Emotional and others.