Buzz Off – Natural Bug Repellant


A delicious aromatic spray designed to keep the bugs away! Designed for humans, animals, or plants. Nothing worse that being out doors and the pesky insects ruin your plans. Spray on and they “BUZZ OFF,” 4oz.-$15.00   8oz.-$30.00

This is a must have for the warm days ahead when the pests are out to get blood! Crazy story, my husband Gregg planed potatoes and the potato bugs were rampant. Gregg sprayed the plant and the soil., bugs were gone new growth on plant was beautiful and his harvest was amazing!

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  • Always patch test prior to using any new products.
  • Do not apply to clothing.
  • Do not get into eyes.
  • Store in cool, dry place.
  • Weight may vary.


Carrying Oils, H20, Essential Oils


Shake well. Spray on body and hair to avoid bug bites, Be careful not to spray in eyes, nose or mouth.
Refrigeration is recommended.

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4 oz., 8 oz.